Comedy Shows

"Savage... but in the best way"

Cold Chucky.JPG

Selling out nearly every night

of her comedy events, Chucky

is the reigning queen of stand-up in Malta, and has now taken her talents over to the UK.

Event Hosting

"Add something

death-drop gorgeous"

Chucky Standup.JPG

Make your event memorable with a fabulous queen who

can lip-sync, host at the

door or just stand really

still, looking gorgeous.

Hens Parties

"Better than a stripper"


If you're looking for a fun addition to a hens party, 

spice things up with a

shot-downing, joke telling,

party loving drag queen

Chucky Bartolo, is Malta's premiere drag queen, making a splash across the continent.


Pushing the island to re-evaluate the rigid social norms that stagnate it,

Chucky's drag is a fun and sexy, "f**k you" to people's prejudices.