Turn your birthday party

into an adventuring party


If you've always wanted

to play a Roleplaying Game

but didn't know where to start,

now you do!

And if you played a while back

but want to relive the adventure

you know what to do

Maltese Games

Add a little 'Great' to your 'Siege'


Noting makes an adventure

feel more real than when

you know the history behind

the awesome adventure

unfolding before you

Team Building

Nothing brings people together

quite like killing a Necromancer.


It's not just for nerds.

Make your team building

activity something nobody

expected, but everyone

will talk about

Running a D&D campaign for five years, with a fantasy setting based on Malta's folklore,

Chucky knows what makes an adventure exciting.

Go on an unforgettable adventure that will feel as real as any memory with the

help of a Dungeon Master who's happy to lead parties of all experience levels.