Reclaiming The Word

Whether we like it or not, the word 'PUFTA' currently holds extremely negative connotations in Malta and beyond, and its derogatory meaning stems from a constant and aggressive rejection of everything the LGBT+ community stands for.

Reclaiming the word means taking back its power and using it to strengthen our community.

Previous generations fought hard to destigmatise the word 'QUEER' and now it's embraced as an umbrella term for everyone in our beautiful and diverse community.

Wearing your pride in PUFTA apparel does not give permission to others to use the word without understanding the full context in which you are celebrating it.

PUFTA is a queer-owned brand determined to take back the power of negative stereotypes against LGBT+ individuals.

Focusing on changing the dynamics of the word's use, PUFTA rebrands the phrase as a badge of honour for those who grew stronger from having the word used to tear them down in the past. The soft pastels are a stark contrast to the harsh tones normally used when the word is flung at queer people in an attempt to break them down.

A percentage of all profits will be donated to different LGBT+ charities working hard to make our community more inclusive and safer.

Understanding The Brand

As a brand we acknowledge and respect that some members of our community will not appreciate the message behind the word, and will take offence to the whole idea. 


While we firmly believe in the power of radically taking back a word that's been used to hold us down, we need to make sure we respect everyone's perspective within the community.


If you see and LGBT+ person who is hurt or offended by PUFTA, please engage in a civil discussion and try to understand their perspective while explaining yours.


We're all pulling the same rope here. Remember to always give clear studies of when reclamation worked (source).


Reclaimation won't happen overnight, particularly not for such a powerful word that is steeped in so much hatred. But that power is ours to take back. It's hard to divorce the difficult history from a potentially positive future, but that's one struggle LGBT+ people know all too well.


Acknowledging  The Issues